Meme of Four

Well, Hindered Settling got a bit too settled lately, so it’s time to shake it up. Brian’s tagging is a good excuse to do that, even though some of this may be too much detail. Here it goes, anyway.

4 jobs you’ve had:
1. teaching assistant (yes, it was a full time job in Romania)
2. does graduate work count as a job?
3. does serving in the Romanian Army count as a job? (probably no)
4. petroleum geologist

4 movies you could watch over & over:
1. Sideways
2. The Lives of Others
3. Annie Hall
4. Black Cat, White Cat

4 places you’ve lived:
1. Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania
2. Cluj, Romania (both #1 and 2 are in Transylvania as well)
3. Portola Valley, California (quite a change)
4. Houston, Texas (quite a change, again)

4 TV shows you love to watch:
1. Seinfeld
2. Extras
3. The Daily Show
4. Kitchen Nightmares (I admit it, too)

4 places you’ve been on holiday vacation:
1. Tuscany
2. Canadian Rockies
3. Paris
4. Yellowstone

4 authors you love to read:
1. Richard Dawkins
2. Steven Pinker
3. Bill Bryson
4. Jared Diamond

4 websites you visit daily:
1. Scienceblogs
2. New York Times
3. Macworld

4 of your favorite foods:
1. Avocado (I hated it a few months ago)
2. Pasta
3. Stuffed cabbage (Transylvanian style)
4. Cheese, mainly Italian

4 places you’d rather be:
1. skiing anywhere
2. in the Vargyas Valley (in Transylvania)
3. San Francisco
4. tasting wine, anywhere

4 lucky people to tag:
no tagging, but – of course – feel free to get and spread the meme

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