A few new things I am the happy owner of: John Gribbin’s “The Scientists” and a Nikon D70. The former seems to be a great reading (I only got to the first scientist, Galileo, but I hope the whole thing will be of similar quality), the latter takes amazing pictures. I was just fed up with low-resolution, blurry, color-challenged digital photos I was taking with the old Sony DSC-S85. I even had problems taking sharp photos with the self-timer (that is, when I was not holding the camera).

But I am absolutely delighted with the Nikon D70. I came back a couple of weeks ago from the Canadian Rockies, and most of the pictures I took with the Nikon are technically flawless – I mean if there is anything is wrong with them, that’s obviously my fault. For the first time, I tried an online printing service – Sony’s Imagestation.com -, and the prints look great, both in terms of resolution and color. Of, course, the Canadian Rockies are not bad photographic subjects, especially if the weather is as good as it was during my stay there.

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